Monday, February 8, 2016

Dennis Watson Slags BAW - Shane Bunting - Update

Dennis Watson - Editor, 'Gangsters Out' blog
Is it difficult to LOCATE the apostate PoS Dennis Watson? Hell NOPE. We can't publish the RAT's address on this blog directly because that is verboten. Fat boy reports every possible word here because, well, he's a fukkin rat, what do you expect? Try the National Post. Yeah, figure that one out. It has a copy of the Damiano Dipopolo lawsuit and it shows the hypocrite's address, and has done so since June, 2015.

Shannon Watson - Editor, 'Gangsters Out' blog
I say if the BAW and/or Shane Bunting won't 'do' anything here they must be raging pussyboys. BAW are women who aspire to be tuff guys with actual, real balls? Wannabe tough pussyfaces, pretending to be men? WTF do I know? Not much, except for this, if this goofy old fuck said HALF of this to my face I'd fuck him up in .13 seconds.

Dennis Watson
Or, at least, do my VERY best to fuck him up. Its called being a man ... you either are one, or you are a little coward bitch. This is dead simple shit, and nada fagboy soundtrack is required to figure it out, at all.
Our anti-hero slagged anybody and everybody, anywhere, anytime for whatever 'reason'. That particular mental case modus-operandi has changed significantly since being outed as a fukkin rat.

Before this, one of his favorite targets was/is Madchild aka Shane Bunting, rapper and member of the Vancouver-based hip hop group Swollen Members.

"The Battle Axe Barbies are a fan club of a little guy that wears lipstick."

Shane Bunting
Mr. Dennis Watson has an encyclopedia of venom against Mr. Bunting and his fans. Why? Who bloody knows? Mr. Dennis Watson is a FULLY confirmed nutso, a fat old man faaaar past his prime with a multitude of issues that nobody can possibly guess.

We don't pretend to know rap nor hip-hop. Truthfully we're at least 30 years removed from anything close. Nevertheless we ain't the one to slag those that are 'into' it. Here is but a TINY sample from Mr. Dennis Watson's vast storehouse of pure hatred on the "Gangsters Out" blog.

Shane Bunting
"Shane Bunting is NOT an artist. He is a nut bar. He’s a freak. Shane Bunting is a punk. Shane Bunting is just a small guy on Viagra that has done way too many hard drugs. Mad Child is seriously messed up. Shane also admits to being a Hells Angels associate.

Shane Bunting's deranged. Shane Bunting sporting the latest shade of Battle Axe Warrior lip stick? Is that little freak trying to bring in lip injections for men? Pucker up Battle axe Barbie. That guy is a complete idiot. How on earth did he get out of Surrey alive with that lip stick on? That little guy is a freak."
"Shane Bunting is even shorter than the under age girls he hangs out with. Assume the position Shane. You didn't get those dirty knees from washing the floor. Shane Bunting is just an idiot.

Shane Bunting is gay. I think he's an idiot. Shane Bunting venues exploiting under age girls. How much did Shane Bunting blow on Oxycontin and Viagra? The Battle Axe Barbies are a fan club of a little guy that wears lipstick."

Shannon Watson, Dennis Watson - Editors of the 'Gangsters Out' blog
It just goes on and on. I could find another 100 examples. These attacks have slowed and/or stopped now that the world knows WHO the coward, rat, hypocrite Dennis Watson is and WHERE he lives.

Mr. Dennis Watson is and always was a Mormon. So this vast library of insults, published in open public to this day, tell us what about the "Church of Latter Day Saints"? Well, it tells me they must be full of hell-bound assholes because the shining example of Dennis Watson says they are a) deranged, b) angry at life, and c) worse than scum and d) pure hypocrites

When religion turns people into the likes of a Dennis Watson, something is very wrong with it.