Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dennis Watson 'Gangsters Out Blog' - LDS Disciplinary council

So yes indeedy do. We determined Mr. Dennis Watson of the 'Gangsters Out' blog was a hypocrite a loooong time ago. Our 'spidey sense' is rarely (if ever) wrong. The depth of this hypocrisy was unknown.

Very recently we learned he is a Mormon. Two things a Mormon will NEVER be forgiven for. One is disavowing God, the other is murder. This means, very clearly, that when he assists Hells Angels lawyer Ms. Suzan El-Khatib and I end up getting whacked one day, his 'spirit' is doomed for eternity.

So there we go. Mr. Dennis Watson has very conclusively proven himself an apostate. Apostasy is a term used to mean renunciation and criticism of, or opposition to, a person's religion.

Shannon Watson, Dennis Watson
He is VERY openly shitting on the most fundamental, revered tenants of his religion.
Since Mr. Dennis Watson is willing to commit the gravest of all possible sins, and very openly, he is renouncing his God.
This being so, we have begun the process of informing the Church of Later Day Saints, so that they can investigate and met out their long overdue punishment. Here is our e-mail to the Temple in Salt Lake City ...

Subject: Apostate Dennis Watson

Mr. Dennis Watson is a temple member in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He is a rat. He is conspiring, now, with Hells Angels lawyer Suzan El-Khatib to get me killed. His spirit is tainted and evil. He is conspiring to murder.

He runs a blog that purports to 'out' gangsters. This is a lie. What he does do is disrespect all Mormons whilst putting innocent people in jeopardy. He is in league with Lucifer.
LDS Disciplinary council
"If a man assumes to deny God and to become an infidel we withdraw fellowship from him. If a man commits adultery we withdraw fellowship from him. If men steal or lie or bear false witness against their neighbors or violate the cardinal principles of the Gospel, we withdraw our fellowship. 

The church withdraws its fellowship from that man and he ceases to be a member of the church."

The LDS Church has instructed leaders that a disciplinary council is mandatory when evidence suggests that a member of the church may have committed any of the following offences against the standards of the church:

1.) Murder: the "deliberate and unjustified taking of human life". The church does not classify killings performed by police or soldiers in the line of duty as being murder. It also does not classify abortion as murder.

2.)Incest: defined as "sexual relations" between a parent (or grandparent) and a natural, adopted, or foster child or a stepchild. It also includes sexual relations between siblings.

3.)Apostasy: refers to members who "repeatedly act in clear, open, and deliberate public opposition to the Church or its leaders" and also includes those who repeatedly present information as church doctrine that is not church doctrine and those who repeatedly follow the teachings of apostate sects or those who formally join another church. In November 2015, the church clarified that its members who are in a same-sex marriage are in apostasy.

4.) Serious transgression while holding a prominent church position : "serious transgression" is defined as "a deliberate and major offense against morality" and includes "attempted murder, rape, sexual abuse, spouse abuse, intentional serious physical injury of others, adultery, fornication, homosexual relations (especially sexual cohabitation), deliberate abandonment of family responsibilities, robbery, burglary, theft, embezzlement, sale of illicit drugs, fraud, perjury, and false swearing."
5.Transgressor who is a predator
6.Pattern of serious transgressions (as defined above)
7.Serious transgression (as defined above) that is widely known
A disciplinary council may reach one of four possible outcomes:

1.No action.
2.Formal probation.

Shannon Watson - Dennis Watson