Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brett Matich Revisted

Brett Matich
All this Brett Matich speak, and the connect to wicked stinky dirtybum longnose HA liarTard Suzan El-Khatib has got this space wondering what these fukkin turds are up to these days. Mr. Matich's partners in securities crime remain the Hairless/Bumring combo ... Graham Harris and Andrew Bowering.

As some would like to forget those two engineered the ATW Gold (ATW.v) scam, which morphed into Redhill Resources. (RHR.v)

Graham Harris

Andrew Bowering
Redhill is sucking ass, naturally, last traded, if one can say that, near the 52 week low of $ .03

In comparison, that's pretty damn fantastic because Mr. Brett Matich led Cap-Ex Resources (CEV.v) is rock bottom flat-lining at half a cent 'bid'. (The Hairless/Bumring combo are directors) Mr. Matich's flagship, Natan Resources (NRL.v) has no bid at all.
Doing an elementary google search on Mr. Matich reveals he has wasted all manner of time self-aggrandizing on multiple public promo-dopo sites touting his vast guruosity and capital creation skills. And we are talking many, many places. The man has clearly been working overtime, and that extends to multiple 'take-downs' on the google search engine too. (shades of Suzan El-Khatib censorship)

Nobody seems to be buying into his abject self-aggrandizing stupidity, at all. Go Figure.
Very sadly Mr. Brett Matich's efforts are wasted because anybody doing any REAL due diligence on the dorkass will quickly figure out he's a wicked large muttydog ... and that's without delving at all into those nasty, nasty allegations of sexual impropriety he left behind in Oz. (which are all true)

Matich's good old buddy Mick 'many names' Shemesian is another Oz K9 we are needing to take another gander at one of these days. Pfffft.