Friday, February 19, 2016

Back in Business - Welcome Back Citizens

Dennis Watson - Gangsters Out Blog
We got shuttered for unknown reasons yesterday. It was an interesting day in that ALL MANNER of too interesting pooh was posted on the Blogger forum whilst I tried to figure out what was happening. We posted about 'phishing' because lots of folk's blogs were getting pulled for it and nobody knew WTF it meant.

Here is what "Brett Matich" posted:

" (PLEASE REMOVE) in regards to this attached Defamation Blog (still operating) which Daryl Grant Macaskill (Macaskill) is the author I am not a "Accused Rapist", I did not "move from Oz just steps ahead of getting jailed" (I have never been to jail, Macaskill served 6 months jail in 1996 for 9 counts of Fraud), "Media camped in front of my house, ran away" is False and Untrue. "Accused of rape of staff member" is False and Untrue. "Spike ladies drinks" is False and Untrue. "Massive open Chitface crooked bastard Matich" False and Untrue.

(My 9 and 12 year boys read this, and my wife friends, family, ex- financiers, ex-partners. I have never met Macaskill, he does not know me, but chooses to hide like the Coward he is" Mascaskill attacks anyone that does not take his abuse and instructions. Google should be ashamed. He is on Criminal Harassement charges against my Lawyer (Suzan El-Khabit) and has a Warrant for hid Arrest. Thing whyat your Friends and family would do. ATTACHED IS MUGSHOT of MACASKILL sourced from the Net."

Brett Matich
Was this rubbish actually written by Brett Matich? Absolutely not. Brett Matich knows for a dead certain fact I have him stone cold. He would never be advertising his business on a public forum, inviting more attention. Secondly he is reasonably well educated, a businessman, and knows how to spell and put a simple sentence together. He would never ADMIT to having a fraudulently obtained photo.

Further he would know how to spell his lawyer's name. This nonsense was written by Dennis Watson PRETENDING to be Brett Matich.

Dennis Watson

Suzan El-Khatib
Directly after this, a poster identified as Wiebe Douvelos Wittmann posted:

Google’s permanent removal of the blog at and the denial of access to by Daryl Grant MacAskill aka Ace Ventura was in response to his violation of terms of service of the Blogger spot. MacAskill has used the blog to defame and harass a number of individuals for which we have sought Google’s assistance. Mr. MacAskill is now the subject of two cease and desist civil court orders and a criminal harassment charge. He has been utilizing Google to spew defamatory material and attack individuals and is not for the purpose of free speech or for journalistic integrity. He has also sent numerous emails from in the same defamatory vein.

He is not an innocent party and if Google doesn't keep the sites down, then Google may be held liable."
Do public law firms post their business and/or threats on anonymous public 'chat' forums? Absolutely not. This material was posted by Suzan El-Khatib and proves, very clearly, she and Mr. Dennis Watson will do or say ANYTHING to ANYBODY to get this blog removed. NO LIE is too outrageous, NO LIE is beyond saying, NO LIE is too insulting for this pair.
Some may have questioned my 'conspiracy theories' regarding the motivation of organized crime in general (HA) and Ms. Suzan El-Khatib specifically regarding this blog and the material I spew.

There is no doubt about Ms. Suzan El-Khatib acting grossly contrary to every rule in the book and there is zero question she and Dennis Watson are working together.

Kent Douglas Wiebe

George Douvelos

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann