Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Asshole TO Cabbies plan UberX protest for NBA All-Star weekend - Update

A taxi protest is not happening Friday as planned, Paul Sekhon of City Taxi told media today. Toronto cabbies had planned to disrupt downtown traffic in the Friday afternoon rush hour, possibly stretching into NBA all-star weekend, a taxi leader said Wednesday.

“Emotions overran us... There will be no strike for the NBA All-Star weekend,” Sekhan said.

Paul Sekhon
Riiiight. Just as an aside does anybody see any whitey whitefaces in the above photo of rabid taxi-types? Just sayin ...
Toronto cabbies plan to disrupt downtown traffic in the Friday afternoon rush hour, and possibly NBA All-Star weekend, as a protest against the city not shutting down UberX, a taxi leader said Wednesday.

Paul Sekhon told Breakfast Television that taxis will drive en masse down Highway 427 to the Gardiner Expressway and then down the York and Bay St. ramps to the Air Canada Centre, where activities will be happening leading up to Sunday’s All-Star game.

Taxi cabs protest Uber on Bay St. beside Toronto City Hall on December 9, 2015
This is the only way get our voices heard loud and clear at an international level,” Sekhon, of City Taxi, said. “It’s all about the mayor … The taxi clients are still with us and they stand with us.” Sekhon said his allies have not decided whether to launch further protests on the three-day Family Day weekend.

Sekhon made his comments as Montreal taxi drivers snarled streets in that city as a protest against UberX.
Toronto cabbies have been pressuring Mayor John Tory and city council to make another attempt to shut down ride-hailing service Uber through a court injunction.

Last week, council agreed with Tory after hearing private advice from the city’s lawyer against launching a new injunction before city staff unveil proposed new regulations this spring to level the playing field between the heavily regulated taxis and unregulated UberX.

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Well. How on earth to start on this here one eh Citizens? First reaction HAS TO BE are these monopolists complete fucking retards? The answer to that has to be affirmative. These dopes figure pissing everybody off will suddenly make every citizen sympathetic to their plight? Not gonna happen. The opposite.

Do we save the saddle-makers and buggy whip industry while banning cars too?
Utter dopes are doing the same thing in Montreal too. Too amazing. Attempting to protect a monopoly in perpetuity is about as dumb as, well, I don't know what.

Pissing people off as much as humanly possible whilst doing it? Unreal this dopey world at times, truly.