Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Scumbag Rat Dennis Watson - Shannon Watson

Murder victim Brandon Vito Hughes
When Dennis Watson was outted by Damiano Dipopolo's Hells Angels lawyer Suzan El-Khatib he became a double agent. He passed my e-mails to her, he passed my personal information to her, he and his blog became a servant to her interests. How does he justify this? " He has gone from a cesspool of negativity to committing unlawful acts which I clearly do not support."

He believes his activity makes him "safe" from Hells Angels wrath, full immunity as it were. Sadly he's misguided. His insults are debts that need to be repaid. My death threats likely aren't coming from the club. They are coming through the open crimes of lawyer Suzan El-Khatib, and that means they are coming through the Dipopolo twins, who most have concluded are the contract killers responsible for the Brandon Hughes hit.

Suzan El-Khatib
Dennis Watson has obtained my police booking photo from Suzan El-Khatib. She got it via her police complaint about 'criminal harrassment'. She is sooooo fearful for her safety tis a fukkin crime. (Shades of Stephanie Guthrie?) That photo has also been twittered hundreds of times already, very probably by Dennis Watson.

He knows he's putting my life in jeopardy, he's the one directly responsible for it.

Suzan El-Khatib

Dennis Watson has been attempting photo take-downs
of this image. His daughter contributed material to his blog
for an extended period. What makes her photo special?
He claims I threatened her. Thats another lie.
Mr. Dennis Watson of the "Gangsters Out Blog" is a rat and a hypocrite. He takes pride in describing himself as a "police agent". Of course he posts personal insults and lies that get people killed.

"Everyone who knows me knows that is not how I do business. I may well be confrontational but I am truthful."

"Dennis Watson is back - The Gangsters out Blog has Returned
On September 7th I said it was time to shut it down. I've decided to come back on a semi retired basis". "There is definitely a need for police agents in law enforcement.

That was a serious mistake, according to our scumbag, threatening sources. He should have kept his word on that one. He didn't. Now he'll pay, some anonymous scum are saying.


https://thedirty.com/gossip/surrey/agent-k/"Dennis was kicked out if the Guardian Angels by the leader in New York. Dennis was pretending to be Moirya Greene the President of Canada Post and sending emails with @moiyragreene to employees. Canada Post fired his ass."
Dennis Watson's latest work, in addition to posting a photo illegally, is gleeful spewing about Revenue Canada issues from 22 years ago.

In that case I was nailed to the tune of about $ 5k for filling out paperwork for somebody who stole in excess of $ 100k. Lets not pretend I was innocent. I'm not a hypocrite. I had a 'guilty mind' all right, for about 2 months. I stopped all stupidity, my 'partner' didn't. When Revenue Canada came calling, he talked, then walked, and I paid. I was a former Revenue Canada employee and that meant I was going to be crucified. That's how police informant 'works'.

For better than 22 years I have been unemployable. That's how Dennis Watson works. He wants a life sentence. Perhaps he'll get it. Take a bow Dennis, but my exit has zero to do, directly, with scumbags like you.
Anybody following my blog for any length of time KNOWS how fucked up things are. Pure scum rule us. Sometimes its obvious (Stephanie Guthrie, Suzan El-Khatib) often it isn't. (Marnie L. Goldenberg)
The bottom line always seems to be the 'good' take it up the ass while the 'bad' win. Being right, being proper, being true to yourself, its all meaningless. The corrupt will win, and they are so ingrained into the system it guarantees the same outcome over and over again. The outcome is never in any real doubt and NEVER, EVER do the 'good' survive completely unscathed. (Gregory Alan Elliott)

The world is what it is. We can either continue the inane struggle or throw in the towel. There are no seatbelts here. In the end we are all corpses and we will never find the reason for our lives because none exists.

Dennis Watson : "I have a beef with you Damiano Dipopolo and as God lives I will see you on the other side. My word is my bond. A dieu"

Dennis Watson : "I do have a semi automatic that is gonna spit the next time he talks"

Mr. Dennis Watson has some SERIOUS mental health issues, clearly, and this is only a tiny example of his voluminous material proving it. The fact he appears insane could explain a great deal about his irrational compulsive/obsessive behavior. In his tortured mind it is completely normal.

Shannon Watson, Rat Dennis Watson
"I also know who gave you that picture. Tell that pos I’m looking for him now too. Stalking my daughter’s facebook. You guys are both losers. Here’s the truth Steve Willan. You are a short scrawny weasel. My daughter wouldn’t even need a baby eagle to kick your ass. She can do that with her bare hands. That’s a truth you have to live with. But don’t worry, I’ll find you Steve Willan. I’ll find you. Your actions have consequences just like mine do. If you think I am going to let you put the safety of my daughter at risk and not do anything about it you are freaking insane."

"My beef is them posting my daughter's picture. That needs to be dealt with. Steve Willan and Liam Beynon - those are the ones who have committed the criminal act of threatening my daughter and putting her life at risk."

"She is. She's with me. It's a fucked up world when ya gotta take up arms just to protect your family. In Canada we are legally authorized to use reasonable force in self defense Guess what reasonable force is against a lethal attack? What goes around comes around. Word."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the hypocrite rat Dennis Watson.

Dennis Watson was kicked out of the organization for being a nutcase.
May 23, 2007 - Guardian Angels draw a crowd. The newest tourist attractions in town over the long weekend were the red berets and paramilitary jackets of the Guardian Angels.

"Tourists wanted to get their pictures taken with us," said Dennis Watson of the Vancouver Guardian Angels chapter, who was in Victoria on a second fact-finding trip to assess interest in setting up a Victoria chapter.
"I don't think there is a dramatic need for the Guardian Angels in Victoria because I don't think the violent crime is as high as it is in Vancouver and Surrey. A lot of the time, Guardian Angels come to a city when there is a huge surge in crime and violence," Watson said.