Thursday, January 7, 2016

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As loyal readers know well by now, I have been poking a hornet's nest of organized crime and their sickening LiarTard enablers. The ramifications of this could not have been predicted. Most citizens finding themselves in the midst of a similar load of full on horsechit would have RUN (not walked) away without delay.

We don't 'do' coward. If we did this blog would have been removed from public view at least 8 weeks ago. We believe the cause is just and proper and it should continue for the common good. If I don't make a fukkin stand who will? I can't imagine anybody else volunteering for this punishment. I could use financial help to continue this mostly dopey crusade.

If you believe what I believe please donate if you are able. If nothing else I can can validate my own abject stupidity as something else.