Monday, January 11, 2016

Ottawa puts Hells Angels clubhouse up for sale - Update

Multiple offers were made on the Hells Angels' shuttered and run-down clubhouse in Leslieville, a sign that Toronto's housing market isn't slowing down. The Globe and Mail reported that the property, at 498 Eastern Ave., sold for "well over" the $649,900 asking price, according to local realtor Desmond Brown.

The federal government has been in possession of the property after police raided the clubhouse in 2007. As Brown told the Globe, inside the building there's a bar on each of the two floors, a meeting room and, oddly enough, an aquarium. It's unclear what will become of the building.
Eight years after Ottawa seized the biggest Hells Angels clubhouse in Canada, it is soon to put it up for sale. Its listing should appear on MLS within a couple of weeks.

The two-storey cement-block bunker on Eastern Ave., between Logan and Carlaw Ave., is ideal for those looking to shut out the world: It has two sets of steel front doors and windows barricaded with wire. In March, 2007 Ottawa used its new proceeds from crime legislation to legally take over ownership of the property.
Three weeks later, police raided the building, charging five Hells Angels members with drugs and weapons offences. The clubhouse is worth about $700,000.

The big-screen TV where bikers used to watch sports over a beer from the well-stocked fridge is long gone. But there is a still a bar, a big meeting room and two bedrooms. There were just two rules at the clubhouse, apparently: No wives and no murders.