Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gregory Alan Elliott - The Jewish Connection - The CensorfukTard Challenge

There is a very clear Jewish connect in the Gregory Alan Elliott matter.

There it is, OMG I said it out loud. Lets be perfectly clear here. This blog isn't about racial hate. It isn't about insane conspiracy theories. It isn't about labeling people. It isn't about finding a problem with people who happen to be Jewish.

What this blog IS about is stating facts and here they are.
Stephanie Guthrie is Jewish. The investigating officer Jeff Bangild is Jewish. The prosecuting attorney Marnie L. Goldenberg is Jewish. Toronto City Counselor Shelley Carroll MAY be Jewish.

We don't know this for certain, yet. We can say, for now, she very strongly supports anything to do with the Jewish community.
So we have a common thread, can we agree on that without being labeled a Nazi or Racist? Fine, because we ain't. Right this second the material on Wikipedia related to the Gregory Alan Elliott matter is being censored stupid. I asked the main asshole censor a simple question. Are you Jewish? I believe anybody who IS Jewish would never, ever, deny their faith. If this censor isn't Jewish, so what and who cares.

Instead of answering, the question was censored too, along with virtually every other relevant fact about this matter. So lets assume the wicked asshole MFer censoring Wikipedia is Jewish.
Examples? (of many) Asshole refuses to allow the name the investigator, prosecutor, OR any of the other players involved. Researched and referenced a dozen places? Nada good nuff for this censorfuktard. We HATES unbridled and fully unexplained censorship.

Jesus Christ, errr, if a body were to say this entire matter, from start to finish, has SOMETHING to do with people who happen to be Jewish, they would be 1000% correctamundo. It's a fact. Must we be scared shitless of the facts in Canada for some reason?
And what is the reason for this fully grotesque level of censorship and WHY won't our 24/7/365 censorfuk tell the world his faith? Yup, readers might have guessed where we're coming from by now.

The Gregory Alan Elliott matter is an offense against Canada and Canadian values and is, clearly, a conspiracy. There should be NO FUCKING WAY the conspiracy is still happening ... yet it sure as chit looks like it is to me.
Since we tried this unbridled fukkin horsechit already lets lay down a public challenge here. We challenge ANYBODY with a few extra minutes on their hands to ATTEMPT to post something on WiKi regarding this fully grotesque offense. Reference it up your anus, dead truthful, fully relevant, knock yourself out. Here's our prediction ... whatever the fuk it is, it will be censored off Wiki in less than 13 seconds.

Our censorfuktard (Strongjam) is NAILED to this material every possible waking second. Challenge laid.