Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fukkin Nutbar Dennis Watson brags about Self

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"At the National Convention in Minneapolis, Curtis had us protesting outside the home of a local mafioso.

We would march around the guy's house whispering together in a chant, "Squeeze the Sleaze to his Knees" over and over again. We would get louder and louder until the police came, then we would get quieter until they left and got louder again." (Soooooo Gay)

The Guardian Angels are 'searched' (blown?) before each mission. WTF?
Geezus Christ, what a fukkin retard. He takes (Gay) Pride in this? Further, he's a such a mental case he gets BANNED by this organization of flaming homo fag retards? Holy chit Dennis, you are a 100% pure hi-grade nut. Punchline is he's BRAGGING about it to this very day? LoL and Hardy Hard Hard.
A 30-year veteran of the Guardian Angels has abruptly left his post as Las Vegas franchise leader and martial arts instructor, leaving a series of dirt-dishing YouTube videos exposing rampant corruption within the group in his wake.

Tyrone Bonds, who earned the street name Wing Chung through a street fight while on patrol with Guardian Angels in 1980, says in a series of YouTube videos that he simply could not take any more of the “immorality, lies, dissension and deceit” that he claims the group is filled with.

Bonds says he feels like he’s been “made to work for a pimp for free.” The Guardian Angels, he claims, is being run by “people who think they are pimping the members” who are forced to “sign away their lives” and are “out there on their own” once they do.

Bonds also points to Alex “Gemini” Makarczyk, the Los Angeles franchise leader who was forced to beg online to pay his doctors bills after being hospitalized in the line of duty.