Monday, January 25, 2016

Crown Lawyer Marnie L. Goldenberg - A massive stink in this Denmark

Marnie L. Goldenberg in 2007
"A trial involving harassment via Twitter took an odd turn Thursday when the judge revealed a letter he’d received earlier this week from a stranger claiming to have relevant evidence about the case. “In the interest of justice I must inform you that (the three women) conspired in my presence to fabricate a criminal harassment complaint against Elliot,”

He added that he was told by two people in the summer of 2012 that the conspiracy extends to the Ministry of the Attorney General."

Marnie L. Goldenberg, Stephanie Guthrie
"Wednesday morning marked a new and unexpected chapter in the prolonged misadventures of Gregory Alan Elliott’s trial. The Crown indicted Elliott for knowingly harassing Guthrie, later changing her story to say the alleged harassment was either knowing or reckless. The judge’s position that he can’t be convicted for what he wasn’t charged - it appears that the Crown attorney botched her case."

“Why should the complainants not be allowed to speak out against their harasser and warn others?” Goldenberg wrote. “Why should the complainants be criticized for speaking with their friends about being harassed? ... (They) should be allowed to do so without fear that the actions of the harasser will be minimized. Just because they speak out, does not mean that they are not fearful and the harasser's actions are not aggravating and serious."
“Respectfully, there is nothing wrong with Ms. Guthrie being proactive. She is a strong articulate woman who wanted to speak out for others. She cared about other women and ‘their right to be on the internet without having their boundaries crossed by a creep,’” Goldenberg continued."

There are MANY things about Crown Lawyer Marnie L. Goldenberg that this space finds deeply and very disturbing. Crown prosecutors are held to a far higher standard because they must be. Has Ms. Marnie L. Goldenberg held herself above the filth and truly repulsive conduct of the complainants in this matter? The answer to that is clearly no. In many instances the woman's verbal stupidity sounds IDENTICAL to that of the 'girls club'

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This entire matter has brought the administration of justice into serious disrepute. It is becoming a joke Canada-wide and for obvious reasons. The dopeshow begins with the Toronto Police appearing shills and ends with the prosecutors office appearing, if not fully corrupt, completely incompetent.

Of course we can't 'know' which one it is precisely. We do 'know' something is very seriously wrong here, and it needs to be corrected.