Sunday, January 17, 2016

Asshole VPD and Asshole Kim Boland tar and feather the blind - Update III

Our little story has hit the mainstream across Canada as the National Post ran a story today. Yes indeedy do Mayor Gregor Robertson has an amazing cat-like ability to attach himself to the political good uns.

"VANCOUVER — The mayor of Vancouver has apologized to two men and a teenage boy singled out in an internal police bulletin leaked to the press for their “suspicious behaviour” at a downtown shopping mall.

Gregor Robertson said it was a mistake that a document containing unblurred photos of three men described as “Middle Eastern” was made public and that an online media outlet published the pictures on Thursday.
The Vancouver Police Department is conducting an internal review to better understand how the bulletin was leaked when it was intended only for internal circulation among British Columbia police officers. In the meantime, the police have offered to drive the men around during the remainder of their stay.

Robertson said what’s important at this point is that visitors to Vancouver feel valued and respected. “We’re a city that takes care of people,” he said. “We respect people no matter what their background, where they come from and what they believe in. That’s what this city is all about.”
Propanganistic bullshit notwithstanding there is more. The idiot/dope/chitheads at "Vancity Buzz", the ones arguably responsible for the whole thing have censored their abject stupidity off the net completely.
The mayor laid some of the blame on the media for publishing the identifying photographs.

“That’s not appropriate. That should not have happened” he said. “There’s also journalistic integrity that comes into play here.” Sharaz was also critical of the media and said he is considering legal action against Vancity Buzz, the news and culture website that published the unblurred photos."
Vancouver mayor apologizes to men in mall photos - Gregor Roberston says sorry for mistake that saw images go viral.

And where, one wonders, is Ms. Kim Boland's apology for being a direct CAUSE of the images going viral? Nowhere to be seen because she feels the matter is 'cleared up' now.
We have a quote from Ms. Boland that seems to sum up her wholesale lack of journalistic integrity. "Just like you, I saw the information on social media and put it up on here. When we learned it had NOT been released, I took it down. I agree it’s concerning that it was leaked. I don’t know by who or how. The good news is that the whole thing has been cleared up now."

Grrrrrrr our fukkin doodle. The mater is not 'cleared up now' Ms. Boland published these men's photos and they are now seen, in some circles, as potential terrorists. They were doing nothing illegal or improper.
What, precisely, gives Ms. Boland the right to permanently remove their anonymity? The fact she stole the images from social media?
Further. 'This woman' apparently does no due diligence whatever and relies on her rat VPD pigs and then social media for her story. WTF? When called out for her grotesque stupidity she falls back on them as the excuse for it. Good grief we 'hate' this manner of open hypocrite and we have said as much to her. Clearly it did no good.

I say this to Ms. Kim Boland, again. Smarten the fuk up you dopey chitbag. When you fuk up severely like this DON'T blame somebody else and DON'T pretend it doesn't matter. Take responsibility for what you did woman. People might find a way to respect you some improbable day.
The two men and one youth caught up in a police investigation and media leak gone wrong are speaking out about all the attention they unintentionally attracted after photographing parts of a downtown Vancouver mall, simply to see it better.

"These guys can't even see! And you expect them to be pulling off something big," said Mohammed Sharaz, who is in Vancouver with his son, Salahuddin Sharaz, and friend, Mohammed Kareem, both of whom suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition which eventually causes vision loss.
On Tuesday, a police memo was leaked to the media showing pictures of the men and youth in Pacific Centre mall holding their phones up, appearing to take photographs. In the document, police described them as looking Middle-Eastern and noted they were seen taking photographs of the mall's exits and entrances. The memo said officers only wanted to speak with them.
Mohammed Kareem, Salahuddin Sharaz, 14, and dad Mohammed Sharaz
Two days ago 'investigative reporter' Kim Boland wrote breathlessly about the 'terrorists' ... here (before editing her material)

We have said before her form of yellow 'journalism' fucking reeks and now we have the perfect example of it.
The woman is a conduit for retarded VPD cops. OF COURSE innocent people will get hurt and this woman NEEDS to be bloody ashamed of herself. She isn't, she is now in full denial mode, saying she was just respewing what her rat piggies were spewing.

There is a pure sickness in chasing ambulances as a permanent career choice. This offense says it all.

It shows exactly how inbred these turds are.
The only titface moving faster than the VPD attempting to deny how corrupt they are here is Ms. Kim Boland. For fucking shame Kimmee, but I suppose one has to actually have ethics in order to offend them. Keep up the award winning 'journalism' you flatulent cow. Pffffft.