Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Suzan El-Khatib goes to Vancouver Police yet again

"Hello Mr M********, I am a VPD police officer. I have been speaking with a firm of lawyers here in Vancouver today Dec 16th. Not everything makes sense and I wondered if you would like to meet with me in Vancouver today so that I could hear if you have a different side to the story. Please reply to this e mail or call 604 717 3321 and ask for me.

Regards Richard Coulthard Pc 2065. "

Since this officer doesn't instantly demand personal information over the internet I'm not nearly as cranky as the LAST TIME.

My Response: "This will be the 3rd time Hells Angels lawyer Ms Suzan El-Khatib has made a bogus VPD complaint against me. I wish to be left alone. PERIOD. You will not annoy me again."
Our fully outraged spewing? MIA for reasons unknown. Nada new to see here, pffft. We do wonder very mightily. How many fraudulent VPD complaints is too many?

How does a Vancouver LiarTard have cops licking her crooked Hells Angels bum daily when most people can't find a cop if their lives fukkin depended on it? Soooooo many questions, sooooo many crooked chittybags.
For those interested in such things, here's the said fully outraged spewage from last time. (Pfffft etc etc)
So thangs are heating up citizens. We got an e-mail from a supposed VPD cop ...

"Please find attached a Criminal Harassment Warning Letter. You are advised to read this attached letter immediately. A Police investigation has been initiated as a result of your communication with Ms. EL-KHATIB.

Please forward me a phone number or address in which I can reach you immediately.
And whats wrong here? Damn plenty. It's called insurance for piece of mind and if Ms. Suzan El-Khatib figures running to the fukkin cops about a blogger is the solution for that she is as dumb as a rock.

Second issue. I'm getting solicited for personal contact information over the internet. NO DOUBT this information will be forwarded instantly to the Hells Angels. This pretend piggy pooh can go fuk Ms. El-Khatib's grossly dirty anus hole.