Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feds sue man who smashed police cars with rental truck

The Attorney General of Canada is going after a Surrey man who admitted to a demolition derby crime spree- destroying six Burnaby RCMP cruisers two years ago. 38-year-old Joseph Field pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 22 months in jail, after he stole a rental truck and ran over six parked police cars near the Burnaby RCMP community policing office.
The damage was so extensive, a police spokesperson described it at the time as being “out of a movie.”
Six marked police cruisers, a speed watch van and an anti-graffiti van were the casualties. Staff Sgt. Maj. John Buis said a brand new and fully equipped cruiser costs about $45,000. But thats not where the story ends.

Field was taken to Burnaby Hospital for a psychiatric and medical examination where he jumped up from his bed and ripped out a sprinkler head.

Water poured from the surrounding sprinklers in the acute care area of the emergency room, affecting 18 beds and causing significant water damage.