Saturday, December 12, 2015

Donald Trump attacked by a bald eagle

Not only has his proposal to have Muslims banned from the US sparked global outrage and mockery, but Donald Trump also lost out to Angela Merkel as Time Magazine's person of the year.

After lurching out at Time for its decision to choose Merkel, the magazine released photographs of Trump's attempts to pose with a bald eagle. Even though his suggestion to ban Muslims from entering the US provoked angry reaction from politicians, business leaders and celebrities across the world, a Bloomberg poll showed that nearly two-thirds of Republican primary voters supported him on the issue.
This space has mixed emotions about the fully ridiculous Mr. Donald Trump. Rather than ride the tidal wave of global condemnation, we believe the man has just become a far more legitimate threat to Republicans. Very sadly, many are likely agreeing with Trump, specifically in that Americans fear Muslims. In fear there is hate.

Trump is telling Americans what they want (and apparently need) to hear. That can't be good moving forward.