Monday, November 23, 2015

The Faces of Fraud

Busted red-handed by the LSBC, bankrupt, Mr. Michael Galambos, the man who stole 6 figures from his accountant, ( and his partner in (organized) crime Ms. Suzan Khatib (, while openly and very deliberately withholding critical documents after at very least 8 demands, and soliciting me improperly during the process, have proceeded to gleefully obtain a fully fraudulent order.

An order we are fully unable to open to appreciate at all, exactly like all the rest of this tag-teams' fraudulent court documents. Absolutely and truly sickening abuse of the BCSC court process and these terrible 'people' are what the legal 'profession' in British Columbia has fallen to.

George Douvelos

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann

Kent Douglas Wiebe