Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Faces of Fraud - Update III

We have pulled some e-mails from Ms. Suzan El-Khatib to discover what HER sick motivation is in filing a fraudulent criminal complaint with the police.

Me: You honey, are a grotesque joke on every possible level. I refuse to deal with fully corrupt, dead ugly, HA biatches like you. (I have standards) p.s. - Got any more photos of that massive large snout for your public?

Suzan El-Khatib : You have never dealt with me before and frankly, your comments are uncalled for and condescending. I ask that you refrain and delete all comments and photographs relating to me or my firm on your blog immediately; otherwise, I shall seek instructions to bring an action against you without further notice. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Me: We can start with YOU ceasing and desisting from spamming me. I told you to fuk off because you are clearly a grossly immoral PoS beneath contempt. A Slapp lawsuit on behalf of a proven and unjudged rapist? You are one sick PoS and that's a certain fact. Unless your office provides an actual lawyer you can fuk off permanently. Clear Enough long nose? p.s. My information has Mr. Matich 'wanted' in Oz right this minute you goofy kunt.
This was the aftermath after her very truly ridiculous legal threat on behalf of Oz rapist Brett Matich, and does it sound like I'm criminally harassing this kuntaloo OR trying to get away from her wicked dirty puzzyhole?

After this Ms. Suzan El-Kahtib ran breathlessly, and at a full sprint, to the fukkin cops and filed a criminal harassment complaint, and of course, did very open and ongoing BCSC fraud as well. She is gonna teach me a lesson REAL GOOD for saying (truthfully) her beak is a massive big un eh citizens?
This woman is a criminal and a fraud artist who pisses on the rule of law and shits on the high court, very openly.


Michael Zsolt Galambos
Busted red-handed by the LSBC, bankrupt, Mr. Michael Galambos, the man who stole six figures from his accountant, ( and his partner in (organized) crime Ms. Suzan El-Khatib (, while openly and very deliberately withholding critical documents after at very least 8 demands, soliciting me improperly during the process, and filing a fraudulent criminal police complaint, have apparently proceeded to gleefully obtain a fully fraudulent order.

An order we are unable to appreciate, exactly like all the rest of this tag-teams' very fraudulent court documents. Absolutely and truly sickening abuse of the BCSC court process and these terrible 'people' are what the legal 'profession' in British Columbia has fallen to.

Suzan El-Khatib

George Douvelos

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann

Kent Douglas Wiebe
I have no knowledge of any court order, fraudulent or otherwise as these very open lying criminals have refused to release documents over, at very least, 9 bloody damn requests now. I have given up requesting documents of these pure scum because, obviously, they will NEVER be forthcoming. If we ever DO have knowledge of a fraudulent court order, if it exists at all, a decision will then have to be made as to its legitimacy and what my ultimate response will be.