Monday, November 16, 2015

Pigs 'investigating' Pigs - Dave Ballance VPD

Lets say howdy do to VPD uber pig extraordinary Mr. Dave Ballance. Mr. Ballance's singular claim to infamy is his lifelong career of clearing guilty cops.
Yes indeed Mr. Ballance took in excess of 9 months and used 76 pages of fully useless verbal stupidity to clear Translink sadist Cst Stanton Edward Hyde of all responsibility for his torture and assault of a helpless citizen who did absolutely nothing wrong. I figure its at very least another $ 20k in taxpayer funds down the fukkin tubes.

The insulting becomes TRULY insulting when piggywad Ballance rejects every word of that which I have sworn in writing to whilst accepting without any problem or documentation the open lies from the wordhole of wicked sadist scum pig Cst. Hyde.

The 'investigator' avoids the entire issue of how I received a broken rib from behind. In our fully corrupt pig's world it didn't happen. That's what citizens get when dealing with piggy corruption folks.

Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde
Multiple proven cop assault sadist Cst. Stanton Hyde has been cleared of all possible wrongdoing as it relates to my broken rib, broken glasses, and assorted bruises and abrasions after the phat pig jumped on me whilst I was face down and helpless on the concrete by Dave Ballance of the VPD.

We have information this is the 3rd fukkin time Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde has used excessive force.

Perhaps Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde gets 'frequent flyer points' from his good ol buddy Dave Ballance as he tortures people.

Gordon Wesson was brutally beaten by Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde for showing an expired handicap pass. He died before the matter could be heard in court.