Sunday, November 22, 2015

Legal Threat from Bankrupt Michael Zsolt Galambos

Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos

Michael Galambos

Please see attached electronic copies of the following:
1. Notice of Civil Claim filed on November 19, 2015;

2. Notice of Application filed on November 19, 2015 returnable on November 23, 2015;

3. Affidavit #1 of Suzan El-Khatib filed on November 19, 2015;

4. Requisition – Short Notice Application filed on November 19, 2015;

5. Draft Order Made After Application 1; and

6. Draft Order Made After Application 2.
My Response ...

"I do not accept potentially fraudulent documents over the internet you already LSBC busted muttdog. You will prepare hard copies and deliver them to my address for service AND have them available for pick-up at your office at a time of my choosing.

Second Notice and there will not be a THIRD you bankrupt, busted PoS mutt. Errr is that "discharged" bankrupt?"
October 24, 2009. Supreme Court reversal supports lawyer who stiffed $40,000-a-year accountant. A Vancouver lawyer did not violate a fiduciary duty when he stiffed an accountant who loaned him money, dressed him in new suits from Harry Rosen, put a down payment on a lease for his Mercedes CLK and hired his firm to do legal work.

Michael Galambos and his now defunct law firm admitted they owed the money, but the firm closed, he declared bankruptcy and, after the secured creditors were paid, there was nothing left to cover the debt owed to Perez.

Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
In October 2003 (when he was worried about repaying $137,000), Mr. Galambos told Ms. Perez about his efforts to regain the favour of the federal Liberals," Holmes wrote.

Galambos claimed under oath that former Liberal justice minister Martin Cauchon offered him federal prosecution contracts if he bought a table at a fundraising dinner.
Discipline Digest - Benchers' Bulletin On February 17, 2006, Galambos attended before Master Barber in Supreme Court Chambers to speak to the short leave application. Prior to leaving the office for court, Galambos asked a legal secretary if the defendant had been served. She told Galambos that the defendant had been served, but the process server had not yet provided an affidavit of service. He did not ask which documents had been served on the defendant.

During his submissions in the short leave application, Galambos represented to the court that the notice of motion and supporting affidavit had been served on the defendant. The master granted the short leave application. Immediately after the application, Galambos’ associate advised him that the notice of motion and affidavit had not been served. Galambos did not return to court to advise that his representation was not accurate.
The panel accepted Galambos’ admission that his conduct on February 17, 2006 had the effect of misleading the court, and found him guilty of professional misconduct.
Michael Zsolt Galambos (1991) of Vancouver, BC, was found guilty of professional misconduct, suspended for 30 days and ordered to pay costs of $3,000 for misleading the court regarding service of court documents.

Hells Angels associate, Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
Michael Galambos "Good morning, I act for Ms. Suzan El-Khatib.

I expect to be in Supreme Court, 800 Smithe Street in Vancouver today at 2:00 PM seeking Short Leave to bring an Application against you on Monday, November 23, 2015. The Application will be founded in a defamation action against you, to be filed, and will seek the following and related relief:
- An order that you not contact my client directly or indirectly and that you not go to her places of work or residence;

- An order that you not publish any material about or related to her in any way by any means;

- An order that you do not contact any third party regarding my client, indirectly or directly, except for your legal counsel;

- An order that there be a ban on publication;

- A sealing order; and,

- Special costs."
A few facts for Hells Angels associate Michael Galambos. I don't accept service over the internet, ever, and whatever criminal stupidity this pure dope thinks will fly ex-parti on short notice is his complete pleasure. Mr. Michael Galambos can go running breathlessly to the high court stroking his very tiny crooked pee pee on the Hells Angels dime all he likes.

Ms Suzan El-Khatib solicited me on behalf of accused rapist Brett Matich ... then ran to the VPD in a fraudulent attempt to obtain service information. Nada another whisper on that total PoS scum supposed client. Goofy HA associate Michael Galambos annoying me now with a no-notice ex-parti application for some other contrieved excuse makes zero sense, unless Michael Galambos assumes the judge is a pure retard.

Marcello DeCotiis, Lilliana DeCotiis
Yet another example of organized crime very openly abusing taxpayer resources in the mold of Suzan El-Khatib.

LiarTard Michael Galambos SHOULD know better, but he's rubbing his hands together with unbridled glee today because Damiano Dipopolo has LOTS and LOTS of dirty, bloody money to pay him off. (DeCotiis payment for the Brandon Hughes hit?)

Full patch Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo
After coming home from a night out at Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks show, 28-year-old Brandon Vito Hughes was gunned down outside his North Vancouver home. His father, Kevin Hughes, heard the commotion and ran out to the front gate. He tried in vain to save his son but in the early morning hours of July 23, 2009 Brandon Vito Hughes was pronounced dead in hospital.

Five years later, the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team issued a public plea for information about the shooting. "The investigation remains open and active," said Sgt. Adam MacIntosh. "Time and distance can be a factor in our favour in historical investigations. There are people out there who know what happened and we need them to come forward." Police are urging anyone with information to call IHIT at 1-877-551-4448, email, or submit a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.