Tuesday, November 24, 2015

E-Mail from Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos

Michael Zsolt Galambos
Michael Galambos (MGalambos@wdwlaw.ca) "Yoi have been served with all of the court documents herein alteratively by email by order. You have them.

As a courtesy, at 10 am or before, as you specifically ask,I will provide you with a printed copy.

Where will you be at 10 am today to receive a paper copy? "

Damn it very truly is. WTF exactly is this supposed to mean? I have no idea whatever. It APPEARS to be English but waaaaa? I'm being refused court documents for the 8th consecutive time by a well proven lying, bankrupt, thief I guess. Geezus.
We are sick as a dog today. Making us even sicker is the 'man' called Michael Zsolt Galambos. We have not much issue with Mr. Galambos stiffing his creditors through bankruptcy. Chit happens. What this 'man' did however was stiff his $ 40k accountant for six figures from a position of trust.

Think about it citizens. Mr. Michael Zsolt Galambos gleefully fleeces the life savings of somebody who trusted and relied on him. That is more than a crime, it is a very sickening example of absolutely pure human filth and an important part of why there isn't a single utterance from that crooked fukkin word hole that can be relied on. (Forget the fact Mr. Michael Zsolt Galambos lied to the high court and got busted for it)