Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Damiano Dipopolo's LiarTard Suzan El-Khatib - Brett Matich - UPDATE

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Watch the Video Video (RCMP)
Digstown Clothing in Kelowna, owned and operated by Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo, went up in flames in February 2007 due to arson. The man caught red-handed on RCMP video walks with a limp. Insurance reportedly exceeded $ 35k
We have begun to wonder at the suggestion of a reader, very mightily. HOW indeed has Mr. Damiano Dipopolo managed to avoid attention as his many, many HA buddies have dropped like so many dead flies over the years around him. For example. How (the fuk) can the RCMP even have video of what appears to be DiPopolo torching Digstown? And why has the footage been edited?

HOW on earth did Dipopolo escape the entire massive implosion of the HA East End chapter totally untouched? HOW on earth did Dipopolo likewise escape the Kelowna HA implosion fully unscathed as half a dozen of his closest criminals and murderers got sent to jail for extended periods? How do multiple major-league cop operations in B.C. against the HA over the past 25 odd years, costing uncountable tens of millions, 'mean' less than fuk all to Damiano Dipopolo, one of the HA's main henchymen in B.C.?

In our world this points to the reality of loose lips sinking criminal ships and for 100% damn certain. NOBODY can possibly have a decades run of 'luck' this good. IF Mr. Damiano Dipopolo was a police informant every curious question about his too long career would be answered instantly.
"Please see attached for your immediate attention.
Brett Matich accused rapist"I have been retained by Mr. Brett Matich with respect to the above captioned matter in connection with the identification, removal and recovery of damages for libelous statements you’ve made or published, directly or indirectly, through the Sites. Your publication of the Sites and posts thereon demonstrates a pattern and practice of consistently and maliciously publishing disparaging, defamatory information for the single purpose of damaging the personal and professional reputation of those discussed therein. Such publication is an egregious violation of the federal law of Canada and the provincial law of British Columbia. My client demands that you cease and desist from such disparagement and defamation and remove any posts directed to my client or any of his associated companies immediately."
Suzan El-Khatib
As many loyal readers know well, Mr. Brett Matich did a 'midnight move' the hell outta Oz just steps ahead of getting jailed. The media was camped out in front of his home and he ran away (as cowards do) just slightly ahead of the handcuffs. He was also accused of rape by a staff member. Apparently Mr. Matich finds great success with the ladies by spiking their drinks.

Matich is intimately associated to global securities chitface Mick 'many names' Shemesian. His career in Canada has been the joke of a busted red-handed conman. He connected with the Hairless/Bumring tagteam in Cap-Ex Resources and the paper sewered instantly and is fully worthless.
Mick 'many names' Shemesian

Andrew W. Bowering
So HOW do we respond to the threats of proven securities scum coming from the gooey lips of a dopey shemale HA liarTard with far more nose hair than brains?

Yup, you guessed our answer Citizen. This wicked scuzzy LiarTard can go run, lips flapping gleefully, to get her $ 50,000 retainer outta the massive open chitface crooked basterd Matich and away we will go. Pffft.

Graham Harris

Suzan El-Khatib
"Greetings Counsellor. I am the blogger behind "Neer Do Well Hall of Infamey" Do peruse my voluminous material when you get a break in that busy schedule.


I am giving you notice that I intend to have NEW material on your fully and grotesquely dirty client posted daily, if possible. You really should look in the mirror honey. Sick.

Have a superior day."

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Former TV personality from the Real Housewives of Vancouver Jody Claman (left) discusses her divorce proceedings with her lawyer, Suzan El-Khatib
Oz refugee Mr. Brett Matich is a particular case. Particular in that this space has highly credible info that clearly needs to be spewed.

Mr. Matich's ultra massive Oz value creation skills have come shining through on the Venture, naturally.

Cap-Ex Ventures - CEV.v. Terrible threesome do a rock bottom 1 for 4 rollback and paper just keeps right on sewering. THAT takes some serious skills.
Natan Resources Ltd. NRL.v 52 week high of $ .04 and this PoS is Mr. Matich's failed flagship. Brand spanking new listing it WAS and done it is.
Pantheon Ventures Ltd. PVX.v Uber high powered mining magnate Matich becomes a director and share price instantly joins the rest of his stable O chit.