Sunday, November 22, 2015

3rd demand for documents to Michael Zsolt Galambos

Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
"Dear deadbeat, busted red-handed by the LSBC old turd. Yesterday I made a second request for documents of you in response to your no-notice appearance and you failed to respond.

The response I got was from the ridiculously dirty Suzan El-Khatib, who summarily rejected out of hand my very legal, very proper request for documents.

Yes the same Suzan El-Khatib who files false police reports claiming criminal harassment and whose fraudulent claims of abuse extend directly into the pleadings in high court that she refuses to disclose ... all in the interests of the Hells Angels and Mr. Damiano Dipopolo, of course.

Suzan El-Khatib
You WILL respond you terrible excuse for a human being and I will have access to your fraudulent documents without further delay. DO NOT have the very open criminal El-Khatib respond to me again, ever, you damn fukkin goof."