Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why people hate Translink Police - Update

October 1, 2015 Consts. Bruce Shipley and Alfred Wong, who used to work as sheriffs at the provincial jail at 222 Main St., were spared an inside look at the cells when Judge Reg Harris sentenced them each to a conditional discharge for the assault.

That means after completing four months’ probation without committing another crime and finishing 25 hours of community service each, the officers will have the offence cleared from their records and be free to return to policing.

Bruce Shipley and Alfred Wong
The officers after the Feb. 9, 2012, assault had also recommended charges of assault, resisting arrest, obstruction and causing a disturbance against Dyck, but those charges were never approved. Instead, after a probe by an outside police force, Shipley and Wong were accused of tampering with their reports to back up their version of events and charged with fabricating evidence, public mischief and breach of trust.

Harris had earlier dismissed all but the assault charges because the Crown hadn’t proved them “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Harris, an ex-police officer, waived the officers’ $100 victim surcharge, telling them they had suffered financially by losing out on overtime while working paid administrative duty.

Outside the court, the officers, their voices shaking, said they just wanted to get back to their jobs after the 3½-year case. Outside court, Dyck said he didn’t want the officers to be jailed, but was “just glad they were charged. They picked on me because they thought I was homeless,”.

Gordon Wesson was brutally assaulted by active SCBCTAPS Constable Stanton Hyde for showing an expired handicap pass.
Translink employs cops who like to beat people up. And sensible people think that’s bad, a crime and corrupt. No one wants to be terrorized on transit. Especially by the police themselves. Translink is known for crappy note taking and accusations of falsifying evidence, which makes them all look like a corrupt, dodgy, amateur police force.

So we should take a page out of the #BlackLivesMatter handbook: video record every time you see a Translink cop encounter a person. Every time! Even if nothing illegal or disrespectful happens, make them know that we are all recording them. All. The. Time. I’m not kidding. And if you’re wondering about one particular reason why a lot of people didn’t vote or voted no in the Translink funding blackmail referendum, it’s because a lot of people think the Translink cops are violent thugs, looking for excuses to bully and attack people.
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A lifelong transit user has said she is “absolutely disgusted” by a recent interaction she witnessed between TransLink police and a senior citizen. On August 19, Shirley Hall, a retiree and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, was riding the Number 16 bus west along East Hastings Street when two Transit Police Service officers boarded the vehicle and began checking tickets.

“There is some poor old geezer—I’d say he was about 70—and he had his walker and he didn’t have a ticket,” Hall recounted in a telephone interview. “So they said, ‘You have to get off the bus.’ “I said, ‘Look, I’ll pay for his ticket, I’ll pay his fare,’ ” Hall continued. “And they said, ‘No, you won’t. He has to get off.’ ” The man was evicted from the vehicle.