Saturday, October 3, 2015

Meet Melody Escallier - 'Manager' - The Met New Westminster

Melody Escallier
Lets say Howdy Do to establishment manager maven Melody Escallier.

What is Melody's claim to infamey you ask? Well, Melody figures it's peachy to have her pre-school daughter inside a licensed establishment repeatedly and for extended periods, presumably for daycare.

What say we to witnessing this many, many times? Well, that is one fully incompetent and pure bad mother, and that's being entirely, fully, and completely generous.

Melody Escallier
Forget the dopey and brain dead employer with a license at risk every other day, is a bar REALLY the proper environment for a child? According to Melody Escallier, hell yeah you fukkin retard. (Pffffft)

"For group and/or personalized bookings please call our General Manager, Melody Escallier at 604-520-3815."