Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hi-Test Wotherspoonian LiarTarding

Some might find the stupidity of LiarTards boring. NADA this space, particularly when our anti-hero lets self-evident truths come spilling out.

11. By letter dated August 10, 2015, Mr. McGaw, through his counsel, requested a retraction and apology from the Defendants. The Defendants refused, with Mr. Marchant stating ...
"the information complained of will not be removed from our site and no apology will be forthcoming." Mr. Marchant went on to say:

(a) "I forgot to mention something that I put to all crooks who threaten to sue for defamation, to wit: If [Mr. McGaw] files a defamation action against me and/or my company anywhere in the world, we will promptly set up a dedicated page on our web-site where we will publish and make freely available all of our evidence of fraud against him, both past and present. We will then monitor his business activities, adding new information as and when we find it."

(b) "Your threat to sue in Canada is without teeth and betrays an ignorance of international defamation laws. In 2010, the United States passed the SPEECH Act, which renders foreign libel judgments unenforceable in this country. Given that you claim to specialize in 'Defamation & Media' law, you should have known this before accepting your client's retainer."

(c) "If your client is embarrassed by visitors to OffshoreAlert's web-site knowing that he received millions of dollars by helping to swindle the elderly and others in a crude investment fraud, then he shouldn't have participated in it. Clearly, the truth hurts."
The Defendants have aggravated the harm caused to Mr. McGaw by publishing the Defamatory Statements maliciously, in that:
(a) the Defamatory Statements were published with the express intention of causing harm to Mr. McGaw;
(b) the Defendants published the Defamatory Statements with knowledge that their defamation of Mr. McGaw was false, or with reckless disregard as to its truth or falsity; and
( c) the Defendant published the Defamatory Statements for a collateral purpose of harming the reputation of Mr. McGaw and damaging his future business prospects, rather than for the purpose of providing fair and accurate information to the public regarding Mr. McGaw."
So we are laughing with fully unrestrained gusto because our anti-hero does a couple of fully retarded LiarTardian things. Foreign libel judgments are indeed unenforceable in the US. So this entire stupidity is fully fukkin moot, a fact Mr. Wotherspoon owes to tell his "client", which he very obviously didn't because of incompetence and/or ignorance and/or greed. Everything Wotherspoon spews in pleadings become permanent public record. IF Mr. Wotherspoon had been doing his job correctly, he would have known, beyond question, that there have been NO defamatory, nor malicious statements. His client is recognized across the planet as a conman and that fact is easily proven.