Monday, October 26, 2015

Hells Angels wanted to kill Pierre Péladeau - Informer

Journal de Montréal and Québécor founder Pierre Péladeau was apparently a target of the Hells Angels — according to a former member of the gang's Sherbrooke chapter who turned police informant.

Sylvain Boulanger told La Presse that at a biker party in Sorel, he learned that some of his colleagues were thinking of assassinating the newspaper baron because they found the Journal de Montréal too critical of the gang.
Boulanger, who has been working with the police since 2006, is said to provided them with critical information that led to the Operation SharQc raids in 2009. Péladeau — the father of current Parti Québécois leader Pierre Karl Péladeau — died on Dec. 24, 1997.

While the apparent plot against Péladeau never materialized, the paper's crime reporter, Michel Auger, was shot six times in its east-end parking lot on Sept. 13, 2000. He survived, and went back to work months later. No one was ever charged in that shooting.
Boulanger was a member of the Sherbrooke chapter of the Hells Angels before he decided to become an informant for the police. Statements he made to investigators formed the basis of the SharQc investigation and led to the arrests of more than 100 of the gang’s members in 2009. If he had testified in the murder trial it would have been his first appearance in public in years.

“There are threats against the witness Boulanger. There is a contract on his life which calls for the payment of $500,000 for the person who kills him. His photo was seen posted in different locations associated with the Hells Angels, not just in Quebec but elsewhere in (Canada)."