Monday, October 26, 2015

"I have been ignoring your emails on purpose" - Tim Delaney

Tim Delaney
So we are suing South Coast British Columbia Transit Authority Police Service (SCBCTAPS), the "Transit Police" after getting tortured and getting our rib busted by known and proven assault K9 anus Cst. Stanton Hyde in January, 2015.

Most recently we got severely hassled by a shemale SCBCTAPS piggypooh under the observation of SCBCTAPS cameras. Since litigation is ongoing I have the full legal obligation to inform opposing counsel and NOT solicit his client improperly. In other words I must rely 1000% on Mr. Tim Delaney's ethics to preserve vital evidence or else lose it all permanently. That didn't work out too well.

Tim Delaney
"I have been ignoring your emails on this issue on purpose. I will answer this one email, to explain why, but if you continue with these emails, you can expect that I will continue to ignore them." - Tim Delaney

Frank G. Potts Managing Partner

Kirk Poje. Partner

REAL kicker is this amazing CounsellorTard sent me fully confidential material of OTHER dumbarses needing to sue the SCBCTAPS offense in error.

Tim Delaney
Editor's note. Naverone Woods was shot dead by a female SCBCTAPS officer last year in a Safeway in Surrey after she decided to respond to an RCMP call.

Another recent high profile use of a firearm by SCBCTAPS was by another female officer. On average SCBCTAPS officers draw their weapons about once per month. We submit as a proven fact a far too high proportion is from SCBCTAPS female officers who very probably should NOT be carrying guns at all.

"THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this dude has serious mental health issues and appears to hate women. First of all, this guy Timothy Delaney of Lindsay Kenny LLP gets rich off people getting assaulted by the sick, evil, mentally ill cops of Translink aka Transit Police Authority. Tim Delaney apparently coaches his clients (defendants) to lie in court and in various other forums during investigations of abuse, all while Tim Delaney overcharges his client Translink, which is paid for by the BC tax-payers."