Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oz sentences HA Daniel Mark Jalleh

A HELLS Angels bikie has been jailed over drugs and guns discovered after he pulled an illegal U-turn in front of police — and crashed into a car.

The District Court has sentenced Daniel Mark Jalleh to five years and three months’ jail for a raft of offences involving 80 per cent pure methylamphetamine and a sawn-off shotgun.
Judge Rice said police found tubs of powder, containing 1.06g of pure methylamphetamine, at the crash scene and charged Jalleh with drug offences. Jalleh spent the next 12 days in hospital recovering from his injuries but, upon his release, was found to be in possession of a further 21.45g of pure methylamphetamine in 25g of powder.

Police also seized $710 in cash, digital scales, a sawn-off shotgun and 12 rounds of ammunition.