Saturday, September 26, 2015

Calgary murder likely gang connected

CBC is reporting that RCMP have charged two Calgary men with second-degree murder and are searching for a third suspect in connection with the death of Mohammed Saqib, whose body was found a week ago near Airdrie in a burned-out vehicle.

Theo Wheyee, 20, and Julius Wheyee, 28, both of Calgary, were arrested in northeast Calgary on Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder in connection with the homicide of 33-year-old Mohammed Saqib. The siblings were also charged with arson and committing an indignity to a body. They will remain in custody ahead of their court appearance on Monday.
Police continue seeking a third man, Saad Mohamed Osman, 29, of Calgary. He is considered to be “armed and dangerous” and should not be approached if spotted.

The gang violence in Calgary has been between the FOB (Fresh off the Boat) and the FK (FOB Killers) The HAs claim it's not us it's those ethnic minorities when they are the ones behind it supplying them. The FOB were supplied by the HAs through the Independent Soldiers while the FK were supplied by the UN.

Saad Mohamed Osman