Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surrey Girls - HA West End chapter

"Turns out the new Surrey Girls chapter of the Hells Angels consists of little whiterock Ryan and the chipmunks. All the little girls that Whiterock chapter didn’t want. This is a picture of little Ryan, Shane Bunting and Weird Hal Porteous."

And the new West Point chapter, a breakaway from the White Rock charter, has also not established a routine meeting place or time for its required church meeting, Malo said.
He said chapters must hold weekly meetings to maintain the rules of the international Hells Angels, “but it isn’t happening as formally as we once saw.”

“A number of the chapters in British Columbia now are near or just below the numbers required to sustain a charter,” Malo said. “They have to go before the national executive to decide what happens.”Three of Kelowna’s nine full-patch members are in jail awaiting trial in two separate criminal cases and a fourth member is also charged but on bail."