Friday, August 7, 2015

Security increased as Hells Angels share Stephen Harper's hotel - Update

Bikers sporting Hells Angels Motorcycle Club insignias talk in the parking lot of a Scarborough hotel Friday morning
Extra security precautions had to be taken for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and his family Thursday evening when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club rolled in to stay at the same east-end Toronto hotel.

About 30 bikers wearing Hells Angels, Red Devils and Nomad patches arrived at the Scarborough hotel on Thursday afternoon. Many members of the groups remained outside by their Harley Davidson motorcycles into Friday morning.
Reporters who had been getting on and off the Conservative campaign bus at the entrance of the hotel were instead taken through the back entrance Friday morning because campaign buses were parked out of sight.

Hells Angels East End club house at 3598 East Georgia
After a largely fruitless, eight-year slog through the courts, the B.C. government has performed a U-turn in its bid for the forfeiture of three Hells Angels clubhouses. And the abrupt move means provincial taxpayers will be footing some of the legal bills for the notorious motorcycle gang.

The provincial Civil Forfeiture Office is now arguing that the biker gang’s clubhouses will likely be used to commit future crimes, not that they’ve been used to commit crimes in the past. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies on Wednesday gave his stamp of approval to that change of tactics, and agreed to combine the government’s claims against Hells Angels chapters in Nanaimo, Kelowna and Vancouver’s East End into a single trial.
The province initially commenced proceedings for forfeiture of the Nanaimo HA clubhouse in late 2007. It wasn't until 2012 that the Kelowna and Vancouver East End clubhouses were added. Until now, the cases have been run in parallel with each other. As a result of Thursday's ruling, the three forfeiture requests will be tried together.

Hells Angels club house in Nanaimo

Hells Angels club house in Kelowna
Australia. A member of the Hells Angels has allegedly been found with close to $500,000 in cash, with anti-bikie police also seizing drugs, vehicles and weapons parts in an overnight raid. Investigators found $180,000 of cash before finding a further $300,000 in a Gold Coast safety deposit box, Detective Acting Superintendent Brendan Smith said.

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced they had found two automatic assault rifles and another $350,000 in cash in two more safety deposit boxes in Brisbane and Burleigh. The raids centred around the Hells Angels methamphetamines distribution network on the Gold Coast. The 33-year-old arrested man, Vadim Victor Volkov, is expected to make a bail application on Friday after briefly facing Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday.