Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hells Angels clubhouse in Trois-Rivières Destroyed

June 30, 2015. The Quebec government began the demolition of a former Hells Angels "clubhouse" in Trois-Rivières on Tuesday. The biker gang built the red-roofed stronghold in 1989, where it was clearly visible from the road as drivers headed into Trois-Rivières on Autoroute 55.

The building halfway between Montreal and Quebec City was seized by Quebec in 2009 during a sweep of raids across the province. The biker gang was behind on almost $73,000 in property taxes for the clubhouse.
Teardown of the building will take about two weeks and cost about $35,000, but tax payers won’t be footing the bill, Boucher said. Instead, it will be torn down with what Boucher called the "proceeds of crime": money from selling goods seized from organized crime.

Trois-Rivières Mayor Yves Lévesque was thrilled that demolition had begun on the 26-year-old bunker, calling it an eyesore that tainted the city's image. Five other bunkers were seized during 2009’s Operation SharQc, along with the arrest of 156 Hells Angels members throughout Quebec.