Monday, August 17, 2015

B.C. government tries new tactic in fight to seize Hells Angels’ clubhouses

May 5, 2015. Proceeds from the alleged criminal activity "have been applied to maintain, improve or reduce the indebtedness against" the clubhouses, the complaint states. If the defendants are allowed to maintain ownership of the clubhouses, the director claims the properties will continue to be used for criminal activities which "would be intended to or may in fact result in the acquisition of property, and/or serious bodily harm to a person."

Defendants include Jean Violette, Ronald Cameron, John Bryce, Mitchell Riley, Michael Mitchell, Stanley Gillis, Kelly Schofield, Michael Christiansen, John Punko, Kim Harmer, Hans Kurth, Joseph Skreptak, Lester Jones, David Giles, Richard Goldammer, Robert Thomas, Norman Cocks, Michal Zikmund, Brian Oldham, Greg Holomay and Damiano Di Popolo.
‎Aug 6, 2015‎. The B.C. government wants to change its tactics in a long-running civil forfeiture case against three Hells Angels’ chapters. Lawyer John Hunter told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies Thursday that the government will try to prove the Hells Angels is a criminal organization and that its clubhouses should be forfeited because they would be used for further criminal activity.

Hunter asked Davies for permission to amend the government’s pleadings to remove individual criminal allegations against several HA members that had bogged down the proceedings for years. The director of civil forfeiture had levelled allegations stemming in part from wiretaps from police investigations where no charges were ever laid.

“What we propose is amendments that would drop all the allegations of specific criminal acts by individuals,” Hunter said. “So the theory becomes relatively simple and it has two parts. The first is that we have to establish that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a criminal organization in the meaning of the Criminal Code.” The second part of the case would be to prove the clubhouses of the Nanaimo, East End Vancouver and Kelowna chapter “are instruments that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club use to further their criminal activity,”

Nanaimo HA clubhouse

East End HA clubhouse

Kelowna HA clubhouse
The Burnaby clubhouse operated for seven years. The Nomads chapter of the notorious biker gang met regularly at the renovated building at 3910 Grant St. since late 2006.

The chapter sold the property for $2.175 million in February, 2015.

Haney HA clubhouse

White Rock HA clubhouse.

Coquitlam HA clubhouse.