Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vancouver Deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston = Neer Do Well Tard - Update II

Sadhu Johnston
The translink plebiscite results will be released in an hour. While we wait on that foregone conclusion lets put them together for Vancouver Deputy city Manager Mr. Sadhu Johnston.

Our guy was directly responsible for a confrontation between Pot activists and Vancouver police at a Canada Day demonstration on Wednesday at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Four people were arrested.
“We’re not issuing a permit for the event,” said deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston. “There’s going to be construction work happening on the site at the time, so the site actually isn’t available to them. Hopefully they’ll get the message and it won’t proceed.”

Johnston said if organizers go ahead with the event, the city will co-ordinate with police on a response and take “appropriate action.
Mr Johnston made the jump from Chicago City Hall to Vancouver about 4 years ago. Johnston served as Mayor Richard Daley’s chief environment officer.

One wonders why a suitable Canadian candidate could not be found. Clearly the Chicago way of doing things doesn't jive with what goes through the head of the average Vancouverite. Last month deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston told organizers of the annual rally to take their show somewhere else.
Cannabis Day has taken place peacefully in downtown Vancouver for the past 20 years.

Pot enthusiast Jodie Emery says no one was doing anything wrong, “And the Vancouver Police moved in with pepper spray and assaults, and violently attacked activists at the protest and I’m shocked that taxpayer dollars are being wasted creating problems where we’ve never had problems before.”
Among those taken off to jail was Bert Easterbrook, the recipient of a police citation for being a hero during the Stanley Cup riot. On that occasion he helped stop rioters from burning a truck. The crowd turned on him and he was badly beaten up, all of which was caught on video.

Mr. Easterbrook has said the highest civilian award from the VPD is "from cowards", and will be burned. Easterbrook put his framed certificate and pennant in a metal bucket and lit them on fire outside city hall — a decision that Vancouver police Constable Brian Montague called "unfortunate".