Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ira Gostin - Tahoe Resources IR "professional" - Update III

Geezus louiesus. If a body needed confirmation that Mr. Ira Gostin is faaaaaaaar beyond his competence his appearance on Youtube pretty well sums it up for anybody with working grey material. Our guy appears a beady eyed turd, ummmmming and ahhhing his professional stupidity for all to see.

Scary part is that these are PREPARED questions. If Ira Mark Gostin appears the dorkus with prepared questions, where is shareholder confidence he can tackle REAL questions?
Are we picking on poor Mr. Gostin unfairly? Mr. Gostin is a "re-brander" in other words he has managed to progress from a bankrupt working at Starbucks to a position that requires skills he very clearly doesn't have. His continual self-aggrandizing is like fingernails down a blackboard.

The real losers are shareholders of Tahoe Resources. They deserve much, much better.

Tahoe Resources Reno office.
Lets say howdy do to IR maven Mr. Ira M. Gostin. Mr. Gostin bills himself as ... "a marketing and corporate communications strategist with over 25 years’ experience in creative and results-oriented marketing, communications, and business development campaigns. He currently oversees the investor relations and corporate communications for Tahoe Resources Inc., a $3.5 billion publicly traded company, where he directs all communications and marketing efforts and helped establish the company as one of the top silver producers in the world. Ira was instrumental in Tahoe’s $505 million IPO in 2010."
That sounds like insulting rubbish and of course it is. In 2010 Mr. Gostin was 5 years into a bankruptcy, so whatever he was "instrumental" in had zero to do with the actual money. One MUST question how reasonable it is to have a corporate spokesperson that fails to pay his bills.

Minimal due diligence says our guy is a photographer and in fact is running a photography business in Reno. Are Tahoe Resources stakeholders even getting a "full-time" employee? It doesn't appear that way.
Mr. Gostin's most obvious shortcomings are twofold. He is continually self-aggrandizing and cannot shut his fully dopey mouth hole for love nor money. The result of this are YEARS WORTH of pure dopey comments that should not have ever been made in the first place.

In the world of REAL IR pros, knowing when to shut up and PREVENT damage is just as important, if not MORE important, than what is said.
“Let me ask you this – how often do you quote the National Enquirer,” said Gostin, referring to the popular North American grocery store tabloid. “Probably never.”

“I’m not going to tell you,’ said Gostin. “I don’t know about Guatemala law.” In Siglo Veintiuno’s original story, the wiretap evidence is described in the same way a reporter in Canadian court hearing would have done. The evidence is attributed to the prosecution, which in this case is the Guatemalan public ministry, without further detail. But Gostin says there is no attribution in the story. “Everything that was spoken was hearsay,” he said.
So that was a few years ago. Has Mr. Gostin's truly amazing clown show stupidity improved any?

"Neither GMP nor BMO responded immediately to a request for comment. Tahoe spokesman Ira Gostin said that the miner had heard that the offering was going well but that it could take a few days for the placement to be completed.

"I think that a near $1 billion deal doesn't materialize in a day," he said, adding however that Tahoe's existing shareholders were "very receptive" to the offer."
So there ain't no stopping inquiring minds. What was Mr. Ira Gostin doing professionally in 2005, when he was bankrupt you ask?

Mr. Gostin was "Marketing and Media" for the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive. Hell no we couldn't make this up. So the connection betwix piles of cowchit in the desert and a major cap metals producer IR function is what exactly?
"More than 50 riders and 300 head of cattle arrived in Reno Thursday hours before the 95th annual Reno Rodeo." "We try to make this event a real cattle drive," said Ira Gostin.

Yup Mr. Gostin is fully qualified if THO ever organizes a fukkin Moo Moo Cow drive.
In 2008 Mr. Ira Gostin was a "marketing strategist" with Rand & Associates in Reno, Nevada. "A photojournalist turned commercial photographer, Ira went through an extensive career change with graduate school, management training at Starbucks and an internship at an advertising agency. Ira now works with small to medium companies connecting their marketing to increased profits."
Not to beat a dead Moo Moo Cow butt Mr. Gostin's propaganda on Tahoe Resources website is nada correct, observe ...
"He worked previously as a consultant specializing in strategic development and advised public companies regarding communications and annual reports. He was also an adjunct professor of journalism at the Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno, and previously was a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist with the Associated Press."

"adjunct professor" means Gostin taught 2 classes years ago. His reviews from students were terrible.

CUBE Workshop - Ira Gostin from Lee Ky Good on Vimeo.