Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shemesian finances Brades Resource - BRA.v - Update Brian Biles

Michael Mihran Shemesian
A rolling Australian stoneturd gathers no fukkin moss in a brand new Venture clover patch and Mr. Mihran Shemesian has landed with juggernaut Brades Resource - BRA.v

"Brades Resource Corp. has appointed Michael (Mick) Shmazian as strategic adviser to the company. Mr. Shmazian has over 25 years in the mineral exploration industry, and is the founder and chairman of Exchange Minerals Ltd., a private Dubai-based equity investment company established in 2005. Through a strong global network of consultants and companies, Exchange Minerals has been involved in the successful acquisition, exploration and development of a number of mineral, and oil and gas projects in Australia, Europe and Africa.

The company also announces that it has granted 2.7 million stock options to directors, officers and consultants of the company at a value of eight cents that will expire on March 5, 2017."

It appears the last foray by Many Names didn't fly as expected so THIS TIME he's figured out a better way to do things by NOT becoming a director. Sadly Mick that means nada to the regulators and as far as I know they still actually expect people to use their REAL NAMES. Go figure.

There is much about Many Names that can't be spewed here. Lets just say his determination to invade Canada with his particular brand of Oz kangaroo chit is very necessary for him personally and all bad for the public in North America.
Mr. Brett Matich was the thin edge of the wedge a few years ago and if there weren't enough dead crooked home grown securities turds here already the next wave of Oz organized crime bikie types will make sure of it.

So what about the BCSC? Does this mean Venture capitalists can call themselves ShitzBaz III in documents if they want to? It would not surprise me with THOSE amazing "people". The tiny details, like actual fukkin identity, sure as chit doesn't slow down the likes of Mr. Michael Mihran Shemesian.

So a body sure doesn't need to look far to smell the stench here. Director extraordinary Mr. BRIAN BILES

"This decision relates to a hearing and review under section 28 of the Securities Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 418, of a decision of a disciplinary hearing committee of the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

The decision under review, dated April 18, 1996, related to allegations against Brian Biles contained in a citation issued by the Exchange on November 13, 1995. The hearing panel found that Biles had committed numerous infractions of the Exchange’s rules and by-laws. The panel fined Biles $40,000, ordered him to pay the costs of the hearing and withdrew the Exchange’s approval for five years, the withdrawal to be suspended if certain conditions were fulfilled.",_et__al___Decision_/