Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Larry Hoover - Hapless Duncan Gang - CCB.v

Lets say howdy do to Internet maven Larry Hoover. "Hoov" or "Lar" has found a purpose for his life as long time AgoraScam censor and full time postertard for Robert Bruce Duncan and CCB.v
Hoover colour smaller
There is a highly improper "slag and tout" campaign being waged on both Agorascam and Stockhouse by the Hapless Duncan Gang. Large size potential ZEN.t and its stakeholders are CONTINUALLY subjected to criticism while total chit CCB.v is touted.

It one sense it amazes these retards waste every single moment spewing absolute stupidity 24/7/365. In another sense a body would expect nothing less from a scam of CCB's ridiculous caliber.