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Silicone Investor for Retards - Update II

Silicon was launched on August 8, 1995 and has remained virtually unchanged ever since. It was founded by two brothers Jeff and Brad Dryer. In November 1995, the Dryer brothers relocated Silicon Investor to their home town of Kansas City.
1998, Go2Net, a Seattle-based Internet investment firm, announced the acquisition of Silicon Investor. Go2Net purchased Silicon Investor for $35 million in Go2Net stock.

By 2000 Silicon Investor was rapidly losing web-traffic to free messaging boards such as and Yahoo’s YAHOO Finance. In July 2000, internet content company InfoSpace bought Go2Net for $4 billion in stock, and fired Silicon Investor’s main moderator Bob Zumbrunnen.

Bob Zumbrunnen
In May 2003, Zumbrunnen returned to Silicon Investor when he bought the website from InfoSpace for $250,000. "I'm pretty solid on a racetrack, and, man, I had smoking weed down cold!"

"Jail may await a pair of convicted-felon Message Board Owners Bob Zumbrunnen of Cleveland MO, and his associate Matt Brown of Tallahassee, Florida have struck a reef with a bulletin-board issue. Sources close confirm that the pair attempted a two pronged stock scam that is resulting in criminal complaints against the pair. Operating under the aegis of "InvestorsHub & Silicone Investor," a corporation registered in Florida, Zumbrunnen and Brown reportedly obtained about 20-million shares of S-8 stock from the prior management team of as part of a reverse merger . Six days later, the pair then allegedly tried to palm off a bogus opinion letter from a Colorado based lawyer lifting restrictions to another 20-million shares of stock.The company alerted its transfer agent of the scam-in-progress, and managed to block the transfer according to a source close to the event."

The particular problem with the business arrangement of Zumbrunnen and Brown is that they are both convicted felons currently under supervision by state and federal authorities. Each has a provision in their probation terms strictly prohibiting association with other criminals. Violation of those provisions subjects the pair to immediate arrest and imprisonment, according to the Department of Law Enforcement source. Zumbrunnen is presently serving a 14-month probation for drug possession. Brown is only about one year into a 7-year period of federal supervised release for a related Pump & Dump Scheme.
"Federal prosecutors indicted Mr. Brown on May 21, 2009, in the District of Delaware. They claimed that he and others dumped hundreds of millions of shares in manipulated pink sheets companies in 2006 and 2007. While the overall investigation included four stocks, the specific charges against Mr. Brown were limited to two companies.

The first was an anti-aging promotion called GH3 International Inc. In 2006, he and others received millions of GH3 shares through improper Rule 504 offerings, prosecutors claimed. The other manipulation that Mr. Brown pleaded guilty to was that of Asia Global Holdings Inc., a company that purportedly had the rights to the show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" in China. As with the GH3 manipulation, Mr. Brown and the others improperly issued millions of shares and co-ordinated manipulative trades to coincide with misleading news. The stock had a 41-cent high in 2006 (and was last at 0.38 cent).

The case began in 2007 with a story in the San Angelo Standard-Times described how a state trooper helped break open a money-laundering case when he arrested a courier carrying $155,300 in cash from California to Delaware.

Other statements in the 2007 story - that the investigation had been under way for several years and that it involved the Genovese organized crime family - were missing from the SEC lawsuit and indictments.
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Federal officials indicted 45 alleged members of New York's top five organized crime families Wednesday on charges ranging from murder to securities fraud.(April 25, 2001 CNN New York Bureau)
All of those arrested are members or associates of the Genovese, Gambino, Colombo, Luchese and Bonanno crime families, said Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

"This is not a script for the Sopranos. This is the real thing," Lynch said, referring to the hit cable television show. "They make their money the old-fashioned way -- by lying, by cheating and by stealing." Lynch said some defendants engaged in a classic boiler-room strategy, inflating stock prices to attract outside investors, selling the stock at high prices, and leaving investors holding losses.
The site has launched the careers of several notable securities crooks. In 2005 Anthony Elgindy was convicted of racketeering, conspiracy, and securities fraud. Elgindy was sentenced to 11 years in prison and was ordered to pay $1.5 million in restitution.

Yun Soo Oh Park, known by his online moniker ‘Tokyo Joe’ paid a $750,000 SEC fine.
The grotesquely crude website should be an embarrassment, but I suppose if the singular goal is to obtain personal information from the public for various very open securities scams its more than good enough.

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