Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brett Matich revisited

Oz refugee Mr. Brett Matich is a particular case. Particular in that this space has highly credible info that CAN'T be spewed here.

Gotta hate that. Thankfully Mr. Matich's ultra massive value creation skills have come shining through on the Venture, naturally, and we can spew about that.
Cap-Ex Ventures - CEV.v. Terrible threesome do a rock bottom 1 for 4 rollback and paper just keeps right on sewering. THAT takes some serious skills.
Natan Resources Ltd. NRL.v. 52 week high of $ .04 and this PoS is Mr. Matich's failed flagship. Brand spanking new listing it WAS and done it is.
Pantheon Ventures Ltd. PVX.v Uber high powered mining magnate Matich becomes a director and share price instantly joins the rest of his stable O chit.
We know Mr. Matich has been shopping that so called resume to every crooked basterd group in Vancouver, and its no surprise the first landing was Mr. Graham Harris and Mr. Andrew Bowering.

There's no end in sight and did we ever say identifying and avoiding securities scams wasn't rocket science?