Saturday, January 24, 2015

BhartiTards scared pure chitless - AAB.t - UPDATE

So yes indeed many years of grotesque entrenchment cannot be undone in a few short weeks and the dissidents have thrown in the towel.

Very naturally AAB paper sewers instantly as everybody with any brains realizes they are good and fuked for damn sure moving forward now.

We has seen a fair bit O chit tossing over the years but NOTHING comes anything near the sub-basement levels the BhartiTards are sinking to.

Very open, very deliberate defamation and VERY probably slanderous. Damn tis and appears fully actionable to me. Our dissidents might want to see about that whenever the big guns go silent.
May as well call a spade a spade here now. Bharti's grotesque empire has been in serious decline, VERY serious, for years. BhartiWad limitless greed has finally caught up with the gang of pure turds. Lose the BhartiWad "flagship" and virtually every other PoS in the Bharti stable will rise up in revolt as well.

There's our motivation in this opinion. BhartiWads have their well fed arseyholes against a wall.
Mr. Ryan Morris of Meson Capital reports


Today, funds controlled by Meson Capital Partners LLC and Nightscape Capital (UK) LLP that hold shares representing approximately 9 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares of Aberdeen International Inc. correct a number of inaccurate and misleading misstatements made by Aberdeen in desperation as votes continue to come in for the gold proxy. Rather than responding with the factual explanations demanded by Aberdeen insider's self-interested actions, Aberdeen dodges the real issues and resorts to misleading and completely fabricated personal attacks.
Stan Bharti has said that "honesty doesn't always matter" so the concerned shareholders urge Aberdeen shareholders to focus on facts rather than inaccurate and misleading statements from the Mr. Bharti-controlled board of Aberdeen.

Fact: Ryan Morris is not the subject of a criminal investigation in Mexico and not the subject of an SEC investigation, as has been falsely stated by Aberdeen management. This is a complete fabrication.

Fact: The concerned shareholders' court proceedings continue. Again, this is contrary to false statements made by Aberdeen management who agreed to defer addressing the oppression claims until after the meeting. Rest assured the concerned shareholders are not going anywhere. Aberdeen completed a highly dilutive and value destructive private placement of up to 20 million shares, 100 per cent of which was allocated to insiders and related parties. This was done to try and dilute your vote. The votes from this questionable placement have been segregated for the upcoming shareholder meeting and court proceedings in relation to this matter continue. Shareholders are encouraged to learn more about this highly questionable private placement at the free Aberdeen website.

Fact: As a result of the questionable tactics that continue to be used by Aberdeen, the court required that the chair of the meeting hire truly independent counsel in an effort to bring some degree of integrity to the meeting process. The concerned shareholders additionally won all the proxy protocol and inspection issues demanded.

Fact: Aberdeen is not a junior gold mining company, in fact through its history only approximately 30-per-cent portfolio investments have been in gold mining companies. Aberdeen misleadingly cherry picks the junior gold miner index (GDXJ) to favourably contrast Aberdeen's stock performance, which has declined 80 per cent since Jan. 31, 2011.

Fact: The concerned shareholders are not proposing a fire sale of assets but instead have a detailed plan to maximize value for all shareholders. Unlike the concerned shareholders, Aberdeen attempted its own portfolio "fire sale" when it arranged to sell Aberdeen's investment portfolio to Landmark Partners LLC for $29-million in September, 2014. This sale price was $13-million lower (or 32 per cent lower) than Aberdeen's stated value for those assets less than one month before the sale was announced. This appears to be the very definition of "fire sale"!

Fact: Concerned shareholder nominees can and will convene a board meeting if elected. Again, this is contrary to false statements by Aberdeen.

Fact: Leading independent proxy advisory research firm ISS recommends shareholders use the gold proxy card and vote to remove Mr. Bharti from the Aberdeen board.

Fact: Ryan Morris and Meson Capital have had plus-250-per-cent better investment returns than Aberdeen International and have extensive experience creating shareholder value with active involvement: HearUSA: plus 206 per cent; InfuSystem: plus 192 per cent; Sevcon: plus 52 per cent.

Fact: The concerned shareholders can return 15 cents per share to shareholders and plan to do this immediately. Aberdeen's management's claimed "scorched wallet" costs are primarily the $6.2-million change-of-control payments insiders are trying to award themselves, which the concerned shareholders believe are illegal and are challenging in court. As stated above, court proceedings continue (contrary to false statements made by Aberdeen).

Shareholders must send a clear message to Mr. Bharti and the existing Aberdeen board: it's time to focus on facts, not false personal attacks on its own shareholders.