Saturday, January 10, 2015

BhartiTardian Plan for Value Creation - AAB.t

On January 7, 2015 the incredibly well compensated BhartiBoy, Mr. Stein offered this gem for ultra long suffering AAB.t stakeholders ...

Aberdeen International Inc. has filed a management information circular in response to a requisition of a meeting of Aberdeen's shareholders by Meson Capital Partners LLC and Nightscape Capital (UK) LLP. While the company remains concerned that the requisition by the dissidents is largely a smear campaign aimed at promoting the dissidents' self-interested agenda, the company was nonetheless required to call a special meeting of shareholders to deal with these matters. The company will hold the meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, and has formed a special committee of independent directors comprising Bernard Wilson, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D (chair), John Begeman and the honourable Ken Taylor, OC, with independent counsel, to oversee all matters relating to the meeting.

"largely a smear campaign" pretty well admits from the very top that there's plenty O chit in this whorehouse to be smeared. After the work on our "context" this public stupidity OUGHT to be grossly offensive to anybody with working grey material.

Aberdeen's circular makes it clear that the strong leadership and experience of the current board are required in the midst of the current volatile market in the mining sector to ensure the creation of long-term shareholder value. The current board has an impressive history of successful transactions, and extensive senior management, operations, public markets and finance experience in the mining sector, all of which are critical to running the business of Aberdeen and building long-term value for shareholders.

The too easily proven TRUTH is this leadership has a very long, very disgusting track record of raping stakeholders stupid. Only a true scumbag would be "impressed" by how much these turds have creatively acquired off the backs of public shareholders who were replying on this group's fiduciary responsibilty.
Aberdeen outlined its specific action plan to enhance long-term shareholder value, including:

1. As Aberdeen has traditionally done, initiating a normal course issuer bid to buy back shares in an effort to maximize shareholder value;
2.Implementing a significant cost-cutting plan through reduction of salaries, consulting agreements and other continuing overhead costs;
3.Alongside Aberdeen's proven capital growth model, focusing investment strategy on investments where Aberdeen can earn income as well as capital returns;
4.Constantly striving for best-in-class leadership and governance practices by enhancing the overall expertise, independence and accountability of the board, as evidenced by the recent appointment of Mr. Wilson as lead director, and three new highly qualified directors, Mr. Begeman, Maurice Colson and Mr. Taylor;
5.Enhancing investment portfolio disclosure to facilitate investor understanding and appreciation of portfolio investments and investment strategy, together with allocating resources to building market momentum.

1. NCIBs are a common PR tool of turds.
2. BhartiTards won't reduce grotesque enrichment, another proven fact.
3. The only thing "proven" by BhartiTards is rapid capital evaporation and collapse of every deal they touch.
4. BhartiWad strawmen/nominees also have a multi-year track records of very open bum pokery.
5. Everybody is too stupid and BhartiTards know "momentum" Got it. Pfffft.
The company urges shareholders to review in detail its management information circular mailed to shareholders of record as of Dec. 31, 2014, and filed on the company's SEDAR profile, which clarifies the true intention of the dissidents while countering their false allegations and half truths. A copy of the circular is also available on the Aberdeen website.

Aberdeen also sets out in the circular the continued attempts of the dissidents to run a smear campaign and meritless legal proceedings that will add unnecessary costs, rather than present an actual plan for value creation. On Jan. 6, 2015, the dissidents commenced an application before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (commercial list) for certain relief relating to the meeting, including voting rights associated with Aberdeen common shares issued in connection with its private placement financing which closed on Nov. 24, 2014, and the conduct of the meeting. Aberdeen believes the application by the dissidents is tactical and without merit. Both the company and the special committee will respond to the application.

Aberdeen assures shareholders that its board will continue to serve their best interests by focusing on the company's current business activities and investment opportunities, and continue to engage shareholders through their long-standing commitment to an active, constructive and responsive dialogue.®ion=C

Lying basterds eh? THIS particular BoD hasn't served stakeholder interests ever and to have the elephant sized cajones to spew otherwise whilst ripping everybody off, well, Grrrrrr BhartiTards and BhartiTardism.