Sunday, December 7, 2014

Severe RetardBoy John Maguire says ...

ISIS has released a video featuring an Ottawa man calling on his fellow Muslim countrymen to carry out lone-wolf attacks on Canadian targets.

John Maguire, who was already reportedly under investigation by the RCMP after travelling to Syria to join ISIS as a foreign fighter in January 2013, appears in the slickly produced six-minute, 13-second video. The 23-year-old is identified in the video as Abu Anwar al-Canadi and speaks in English.
Canadian intelligence officials estimated earlier this year that 130 Canadians have joined the conflicts in either Syria or Iraq. Many, but not all, are joining ISIS.
Freakin nutbars occur in all manner of packages and for our money if this pure 100% nutbar hates Canada this much he should stick with his new terrorists friends forevermore and NEVER return because any REAL Canadian would knock this wicked evil coksukr MFer little biatch out in .013 seconds.