Saturday, December 20, 2014

Leo "The Gun" Khouri - 2012

BETTER times for day-trader Leo ''The Gun'' Khouri, who, if all goes to plan, may finally recoup $105,000 his Gun Capital Management is owed by biotech minnow BioProspect. BioProspect last week launched a prospectus touting a rights issue of about 926 million shares, which at its share price of 0.1¢ translates to about $926,000.

It plans to use some of the money to pay its debt to Khouri, and much of the rest as ''general working capital''. The offer is underwritten by Novus Capital, which will pocket $55,000 for its work and has in turn appointed sub-underwriters including Gun Capital Management and Mining Investments. Mining Investments is an outfit associated with Khouri and his mate, mining entrepeneur Mick ''Many Names'' Shemesian - a man who is such a globe-trotter it is not clear where he lives.
During a recent Federal Court trial, Khouri gave evidence that Shemesian was ''based in Europe … Between London and Belgium and Paris''.

''What, does he live in a caravan or does he have a home somewhere?'' Justice Tony North asked.

''I think he's based in Belgium,'' Khouri responded. ''But he lives between Belgium and London.''