Monday, December 22, 2014

CrookBags Revisited

Robert Bruce Duncan has seen the predictable market selloff in worthless CCB.v paper and is a tad more bent than usual.
"Knob gobbler – interesting you mention anus wart – is that why Justin threw out on your ass? Why don’t you fukkin sue me you securities reprobate. We have been speaking to some of your clients and we have shared how busy you have been."

Naturally we would be remiss without the content. Here Tis "Get some help you wicked crooked nutbar. Question. Do you have 2 months left on this scam promo you career anus wart?
Jason Allen, aka TubbyWad of VFX.v infamey has seen fit to release his dopey numbers (pulled from too ample anus) just like everybody else. Wowsers. His minions have seen capital wipeout since day 1 and DAMN what total horsechit.
Brett Matich is leading the band to oblivion with CEV.v - Krap Ex. Fresh off a big rollback the paper is back to arsewipe status. Take a bow Brett and go back to Oz. (grrrrr)
Clive "Curly" Massey has been stopped dead in his dopey tracks ATTEMPTING to join the pot rush. Last resort is the CSE and thats' surely where he and his ilk belong.