Monday, November 10, 2014

Kinder Morgan defines "assault" = snarls

"An Internet meme that started over statements made at the B.C. Supreme Court hearing into an injunction application by Kinder Morgan against Burnaby Mountain pipeline protesters has taken off on social media.
Protesters and supporters are taking to Twitter and Facebook after Kinder Morgan lawyer Bill Kaplan, referring to photos in court exhibits, said the malicious expression on protesters' faces combined with their "snarls" could constitute a form of assault.
Anti-pipeline activists held a colourful protest outside B.C. Supreme Court, as Kinder Morgan attempts to stop demonstrators opposing its survey work on Burnaby Mountain.

The energy giant is in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Wednesday seeking an injunction to stop the protesters, and suing five people for close to $6 million for their part in opposing the Trans Mountain pipeline and terminal expansion."
The trouble with mindlessly pounding square pegs through round holes is that people get pissed off. The dopes at Kinder Morgan "public relations" better smarten the fuk up and pronto if they expect to EVER get back to work on City land in Burnaby.