Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Stopping Barkerville Gold - BGM.v

Horror show continues as creditor installed management types can't be bothered to disclose what the monthly grease to keep the lights on actually is.

Amazing state of affairs but again, nothing new for the dipchit Venture. Loyal readers know well how Fire River Gold (FAU.V) traded for nearly a year whilst 1000% insolvent and creditor types attempted to offload worthless paper on the public.

Current incarnation is doomed, which is probably the singular reason J. Frank pretended to take a hike in the first place.

The company reports, having recently received the written resignation of Frank Callaghan, that Norman Anderson, the company's current chairman, has been appointed the interim president and chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Callaghan remains a director of the company.®ion=C
J. Frank luck has finally run out, vis-a-vis the multi-year horseshoe up his hoop as he fended off those intent on offloading his hideous arse.

Damage was done via Sprott debt long ago so cry not for "poor" J. Frank.
"Interim CEO Anderson made sure to diplomatically thank Mr. Callaghan today for his "many years of selfless hard work and care . . . ." His selfless hard work last year came with a $240,000 salary, plus $1.2-million in fees charged by his private companies for exploration, deferred development, loan interest and administrative expenses. His son Sean also received $68,000 as he learned the business."