Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Gold found off Treasure Coast

A golden pyx, used by Catholic priests.
In the early morning hours of July 31, 1715, one of the richest Spanish treasure fleets ever assembled was in trouble. Carrying a fortune in gold, silver and jewels from the New World, the fleet was trying to outrun an ominous storm pursuing it up the Florida Straits.

The bulky treasure-laden galleons were not fast enough. By 2 a.m. 100 mile per hour winds, torrential rains and mountainous waves broke over the Fleet. A hurricane caught the Spanish Treasure Fleet in the Florida Straits. They were trapped in the channel, had nowhere to go, and were doomed.
A treasure hunter discovered a 300-year-old gold artifact buried off the coast of Florida and was captured on his video camera.

Eric Schmitt, a 27-year-old professional salvager, was scrounging around the site of a 1715 wreckage of a Spanish treasure fleet off the coast of Ft. Pierce last month when his metal detector sent a signal.

After some light digging and dusting through the shells and sand, a gleaming, gold trinket identified as a pyx used by Catholic priests, was found.
Eleven of the twelve ships in the 1715 Fleet, including all the treasure galleons were lost, either capsizing in deep water or tossed upon the reefs and sandy shores off of the Florida coast. More than a thousand perished.
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