Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Devil’s Coulee

Devil’s Coulee is the richest dinosaur nesting site found in Canada and the third nesting site discovered in North America. The site was found in May 1987 near Warner, Alberta when ten fossilized dinosaur eggs, believed to have come from a Hadrosaur were found. The site was designated a Provincial Historic Resource the same year.

Finds at the site include young dinosaurs, eggs, embryonic bones, and nests of hadrosaurs as well as numerous clutches of dinosaur eggs, some containing embryos.
The find dates from the Late Cretaceous period (100-65 Million years ago). Hadrosaurids, or duck-billed dinosaurs, were a common herbivore in the Upper Cretaceous Period.

The Devil's Coulee area was once part of a vast inland sea.

Mesozoic Inland Sea of North America - 65 million B.C.
A team from Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum said the Devil’s Coulee site is rich with ancient nests of at least two separate duck-billed dinosaurs and five different Cretaceous-era carnivores.

“It’s really a rich spot — the area is literally covered with dinosaur egg shells.”

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