Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brett Matich revisited - CEV.v

It has been a while and what has our anti-hero of sickening proportion Mr. Brett Matich and his Hairless/Bumring tagteam of Venture value creation been up to?

For some unknowable reason (ahuck) Crap-X (CEV.V) sewered large and was all of $ .01 bid. Our massive value creationists did a 1 for 4 rollback and now the paper is bid $ .03. Aresome way to go boyos, butt we ain't done yet.
"The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd.'s proposal to issue 2.5 million shares to settle outstanding debt for $250,000. Creditors: one Insider: Sunrise Drilling Ltd. (Andrew Bowering, Graham Harris and Brett Matich) 2.5 million shares at 10 cents.

Whats this all about? Venture doggies will ACCRUE their salaries and gratuities when the money is gonzo (which never takes long) and then issue ultra rock bottom paper to themselves to settle the imaginary "debt". The gruesome threesome are screwing dumdums in preparation for the next promo for dopos at which point they will blow out this total chit for whatever they can get. Again.
So we keep saying tracking (and avoiding) career securities reprobates is never rocket science and proof of that lives through the textbook provided by the terrible threesome.