Thursday, April 17, 2014

Washery Doo - Promo for Dopos 101

First step for crooked securities basterds of every stripe is to create the illusion of massive public interest in their PoS. Thus the need to swap paper from here to there, and then from there to here, and then from, well you get the idea. The term in the business is "washing" or "churning".

Things have been pretty damn suspicious in the market for CCB.v so we invested a few minutes on the nifty Stockwatch "TradeWorkstation"
We find TD Securities responsible for 6.85m of 8.3m volume over 30 days or 83% of all trading in CCB.v paper and they remain flat after it all.
This monkey has been around for many, many scamolas and those kinds of numbers aren't just slightly suspicious ... there is virtually no possible way for this horsechit to exist UNLESS the paper is getting washed. Naturally "anonymous" has been the biggest net seller over the period.
All rock solid material that ought to be revisited by the BCSC and Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan without fukkin delay.